USTS. offers quality binding in small and large quantities. Cardstock back-cover and clear or frost plastic front-cover included in price for GBC, spiral and wire binding.

In addition to our binding services, USTS. offers a selection of folding, stapling, scoring, and perforating options as explained below.

Z-Folding, Folding, Scoring

Fold and insert an oversized copy into a letter-sized presentation, or run a centre score down a horizontal document.


Easily create beautifully-finished copies in signature form. Centre score, saddle stitch, or select different cover stock.


Laminating it the best possible way of protecting documents and posters. USTS offers a variety of laminate surfaces and qualities, depending on the function and quality of the sheet being laminated.

Page Laminating: Letter (8.5 X 11), Legal (8.5 X 14), Tabloid (11 X 17), Credit-Card Size and I.D. Tag with Clip

Roll Laminating: Standard 5 ml Glossy Laminate, Matte 5 ml front/Gloss 5 ml back and Matte 5 ml both sides.

USTS we scan images and artwork for our costumers all the time. If you need an image in an electronic format, just drop by—we scan any images up to 36” x whatever size.

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